Friday, June 18, 2010

Love Excited

Limitations do not exist.
Beyond the actual experience, pure bliss.
Moments involve caring, learning, prayer, and persistence.
Focus is relevant, an awesome living.

Not deep enough, let's keep on digging.
If you think lyrics from Wayne are thoughts of living..
I'll take his shine and make him listen.
God all knowing is better thinking.

I know you know, so keep on listening.
To heaven speaking...a deeper meaning.
Refusing to fail may have new meaning.
Can't stress enough to keep on living and find in moments I'm tired of thinking.
My pen is heavy, my heart, still shaken.

Passionate loving, I keep upon it.
Let us break down barriers and see what is seen.
Because wishful thinking tires the conversation but gives ultra meaning.
Lets beat statistics.

Hush When I'm Speaking

Let things flow, let them go.
Separate hurt condescending.
Power change.
Change of power.
But to think in positive and gather its meaning.
Sharing is genius with hearts to spare.

Get use to ingenious thinking.
Apply where needed, an awesome reason.
Freed by choice, a newer listen.
Conquer and roll with the decisions.
Prevail. Get use to thinking.
Expand creative.

No thoughts of torture.
Love is persistent.
Let us partake in another world when sinking,
not wishful thinking.
Expression is key and needed when expanding.

Thoughts of lecture and turns to lessons.
What's happening here is all dedication from an actual experience.
Hearts don't know and seek what is hidden.

Profoundly deep and ponder earth's heavenly meanings.
What is going on?
Constructive criticism is all that's needed.

What Inspires the Heart is Open

Strategically placing the mark of pride
kept lit by a flame of personal genius.

Liberty is made and created unique thinking.
Hopes and wishes spare a descent pleasure and then love happens.

Its a stressful thinking, a mind-blowing transfiguration of hearts to follow, a ridiculous situation.
Then hearts transfigure. Who wins in this situation?

A mental basement of guilt that's spared of heartfelt truths...In my guide I see through hearts of passion an awesome genius.

Tell me what he thinks. Hearts give way. The torture. The flame that flickers and is used and guided through the darkest journey.

Our paths are enlightened and we see clearly. The steps of love, unbelievable, condescending, but breaks its barriers, forces ingenious to come together and wonder.

But its till not enough. The mind is open. Strength and power. We're moving forward.