Friday, June 18, 2010

Love Excited

Limitations do not exist.
Beyond the actual experience, pure bliss.
Moments involve caring, learning, prayer, and persistence.
Focus is relevant, an awesome living.

Not deep enough, let's keep on digging.
If you think lyrics from Wayne are thoughts of living..
I'll take his shine and make him listen.
God all knowing is better thinking.

I know you know, so keep on listening.
To heaven speaking...a deeper meaning.
Refusing to fail may have new meaning.
Can't stress enough to keep on living and find in moments I'm tired of thinking.
My pen is heavy, my heart, still shaken.

Passionate loving, I keep upon it.
Let us break down barriers and see what is seen.
Because wishful thinking tires the conversation but gives ultra meaning.
Lets beat statistics.

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